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Gino Capolino


About Gino Capolino

Gino Capolino is a skilled professional currently serving as co-founder and managing member at Structure NYC, a construction and custom millwork firm based in the heart of New York City. 

In 2010, together with his brother, Eric, Gino Capolino founded Structure NYC as a full-service, Manhattan-based custom millwork design, contracting, and fabrication firm. Over the past decade, the firm has relied on long-standing relationships with the most sought-after designers and architects in New York to bring the vision and design dreams of all of their clients to fruition. Through Structure NYC, Gino offers clients services that include construction management, general contracting, boutique commercial, in-house millwork studio, and pre-construction work. 

For Gino Capolino and the rest of the team at Structure NYC, every step of the journey is fueled by a deep appreciation for the fundamental principles of architecture – a passion that inspires them with each new project. Because of the high value they place on skilled craftsmanship, they’re proud to follow the most stringent standards of quality when it comes to every collaboration with our clients and architects alike. Their goal is to consistently provide personalized service throughout the entire project lifecycle and raise the bar on millwork and construction execution throughout the Manhattan area. 

When it comes to his business, for Gino, construction isn’t just a job; it’s his life. He enjoys the work he does and the chance to build things and accomplish things that can be seen and that you can put your hands on. Everything they do is a tangible project, ones which always present new and dynamic challenges. Each job and client is different, so a lot of the work Gino does involves problem-solving and critical analysis, which Gino has always found rewarding. 

Philosophically, Gino Capolino sees accountability as being of the utmost importance, and he and the rest of the team at Structure NYC work hard every day to take pride in what they do and be accountable in their work. By approaching every project with a personal touch – as they would for themselves or their families – they work in transparency, owning up to mistakes and not hiding anything from their customers and clients. It’s this dedication to customer service and commitment to quality that has distinguished Structure NYC as the leading custom millwork and general contracting firm in Manhattan. 

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