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In the past few years, the world has seen a steady rise in technological advancements. Today almost everything is digitized, from the banking systems to agriculture. Technology is now slowly making its way into the construction industry with the help of IoT.

The internet of things or IoT refers to the network of devices that allows people to harness data and exchange it on the internet. IoT is slowly changing how the world views traffic lights or machinery and how every device connects and communicates.

IoT has been around for some time now, and it has only begun gaining traction in business and commercial use very recently. A study conducted by the Zion Market Research estimates that global sensor use by the year 2022 would have reached $25 billion. In 2016, the study revealed that sensor use was at a significant $7.5 billion showing a steady rise in its use.

The Connection Between Construction Site Management and Embedded Sensors
Sensors can be used to measure various data across all fields. This data is transmitted using IoT. In the construction industry, IoT helps monitor the sites under construction and uses real-time data relayed from the site to predict patterns. By developing a specific pattern, IoT can detect problems with the site, helping prevent or correct the issues in question instead of trying to fix the problem once it happens.

By taking this corrective approach, IoT helps save valuable time and money, leading to a more efficient construction site. Another way the construction industry can tap into the broad trend of IoT is by using wearables. When construction workers wear these wearables with embedded sensors while working, the device can collect data on their wellbeing and efficiency and relay it to the end-user or other devices.

Wearable tech is still a new concept, but if the construction industry keeps up with it, the data from the devices will provide helpful insights. The wearables typically track a worker’s job performance, productivity, safety in the zone they are in, and their performance levels.

Final Thoughts
As the world adjusts to the use of high technology such as IoT, using it, especially in the construction field can help improve various challenges such as worker safety and improve communication with clients. With the right plan of implementation, embedded sensors can take a construction business to the next level.